Thursday, April 17, 2014

Digital Footprint

Google-ing Myself was an interesting assignment. I remember years ago back in high school doing it to see what came up and again in my later years in high school. Seeing as I have removed myself from all social networks or have chosen to keep the sites on the strictest privacy settings; I didn't find much. 
Most searches were not of myself but of other people with the same name. I was able to find more when I went into specific searches. For example: "Lynn Conners Poughkeepsie Journal" or "Lynn Conners Bowling." Most of those searches came up with the same information I was in the local news weekly for bowling scores or seasonally for high school or college bowling. It also seems that the journal has me for my graduation from MSMC in 2010 as well. 
This was an eye opening experience non the less and I enjoyed it. I will continue to keep tabs on my digital footprint.  Here is my video on my Digital Footprint. Enjoy

Here are some photos I found to be of interest in my searches on Digital Footprints!  I believe it is forever important at this point in education and technology that we teach our children and students the resposbiliity of posting and adding to the internet. Some day when they apply for jobs the internet will be away for interviewing most candidates. We need to protect ourselves and those around us by knowing that is save to post.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you post! 

You control your own Digital Footprint! 

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