Tuesday, April 22, 2014

As The World Turns

Spring is here and Summer is near. This makes me happy in the life of sunshine, warmth and water. Although, I find myself in pure chaos right now and extremely overwhelmed. As April comes to a close I am still recovering from surgery, school is 2 weeks from the end (with summer classes to follow), work events are every weekend through June and my personal life is in disarray between friends and family.

I try to be the strong, independent and goal oriented to get through each and everyday. As the world turns I find each day to get a little harder recently. I wish to find the perfect life balance. I know this will never be near perfect but I just want a day or two, maybe even a week of calm. My goal is to push forward through these rough and tough times and make it out ahead in the coming months. Summer is here and I refuse to be sad and upset through the summer, besides my birthday is in the summer! A perfect time to relax and move forward.

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  1. I too am excited that the weather is finally getting warmer...although it is so hard to find the time to enjoy it! Everything will fall into place! Before you know it classes will be over and we will be able to enjoy the warmth and sunshine! Keep your head up!!!