Friday, January 31, 2014

Chaos in the Classroom

So after week 1 of class. I am very overwhelmed and still very uncomfortable in an online class. I will be testing my knowledge of technology and expanding it as well. However, I am one who learns best in a classroom with students and teachers around me this is a whole new experience. I hope it will get easier and navigating in the portal will become second nature. Here's to getting week 2 to go smoothly.
Hi, This is my first Blog. So please stick with me as I try and figure it all out!  I am creating this blog as an assignment for my class, Literacy & Technology in my Master's Program in Literacy. Each week I will post about our learning and experienced through technology.

I have chosen the Blog name Technology Teaching Teachers because technology is now forever changing and will be teaching us along the way. Even as a child who grew up when computers were still kind of new (still remember MS-DOS) but I still have a lot to learn, hence my first blog!

I also chose the name T^3 or T-Cubed because I was a previous Mathematics Major in my Bachelor's Program and wanted to add something a little witty to my math knowledge.

Happy Learning :)